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How many times have you heard a contractor say, “We do quality work.” Well we do quality work too, but let us take it a step further and explain what “quality work” actually means to us at Lambert Bros. Paving.

Quality is conformance to requirements and performing the job right the first time.

That means for all our services there are specific activities and measurements to ensure that the product or service meets the requirements established for it. To achieve a quality pavement job, there are several critical components that should be met. Let’s examine four components in more detail:

As our customer, it is imperative to discuss and document what it is you are looking for in your project. We have found the best way to document requirements is a 15-30 minute meeting where you and the contractor can jointly examine work to be considered and discuss your expectations. Some simply questions that usually come up are when the work can be performed and how long it will take to complete it, and discussion about how the drainage is going to work and the perimeter shape of the project. Do you want more curves or right angles? Are there concerns about weeds that need to be addressed? What type of vehicles do you expect to have on the surface, Do you plan to build a shop in the future or does a septic truck have to drive down the driveway, or are there delivery trucks or big RVs that will be around? These can help determine the best requirements needed for the surface.

One size does not fit all. There are different types of asphalt mixes, sealers, striping paint and crack sealants. All have different properties for use in different applications.
By confirming what it is you need, we can point out the options and benefits of certain products over others.

The methods for building a driveway or parking pad or tennis court, etc., that will last for 20 plus years goes beyond the day of application. At Lambert Bros. Paving we have active training, both on and off the job, enabling all our employees to know the required process steps to completing a successful job. Companies with a steady workforce are known to have higher quality due to experience and longevity.

Quality application means pre-job and post-job inspections are completed. This ensures that any potential quality issues or changes in the environment can be brought to the customer’s attention and an action plan developed for the job to be correct. Remember, while you may not know the exact product specifications and requirements, rest assured that we do. We encourage you to ask any questions; we love talking about asphalt.

Perhaps the most important aspect of a quality paving job is feedback from the customer that the service does or does not meet his/her requirements and standards. We want to know if the customer is satisfied or not. Sometimes mistakes or misunderstandings occur. While quality contractors strive to minimize them, they’re equally concerned about correcting a problem to keep customers satisfied.

Quality is about people and operational systems and processes that ensure products and services conform to customer requirements. Achieving a quality job means consistently doing things right the first time.
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