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Photo of paving crew in Banff, AB
What will PASER (the PAvement Surface Evaluation and Rating system) do for you? PASER was developed by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Transportation Center for use by states, counties, government bodies, and select accredited asphalt contractors. It is an easy-to-follow diagnostic tool for evaluating and rating the condition of your pavement.

Anyone in charge of making pavement reconstruction and maintenance decisions can rely on this efficient tool. This tool will help identify the different pavement distresses during inspection and help select the appropriate treatment.
Now you have a way of assigning a numeric rating to your pavement. Each number corresponds to a condition and also a solution or treatment for each particular condition.

PASER will help anticipate future deterioration and apply proactive maintenance options while they are still feasible. It will also let you know when you are in need of an overlay, or a complete reconstruction.

Is your pavement condition a 1 or a 10? Refer to the PASER chart via the link provided here.
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